Friday, November 25, 2005

8x? I didn't even know people could be that big.

Well...unfortunately on this lovely island there are some people who are way off base about the Lone Star State. In fact, in the last couple of weeks, people have been coming up to me and asking where I am from because I have such a strong accent. I, on the other hand, don't think I have an accent, but when I tell them that I am from Texas no one seems that shocked. The other day, I did have a man say (in a hateful tone) that he HATED Texas and most of the people from there. He went on and on about how pompous Texans were, and how the state wasn't that cool. He then proceeded to it was a laughing matter. He obviously didn't know that when he insulted Texas, he insulted me. I didn't laugh and I didn't smile, but I did tell him that he was misinformed, and that our conversation could cease right then unless he had a quick attitude adjustment. He looked at me like I had three heads. He actually apologized and for some reason I told him not to make the same mistake again. Who am I?

I have a car this week because my roommates are in New Zealand and I am loving the freedom. Really there aren't too many places that you can go on this 20 mile island, but it's nice to be able to get there if I need to. The only problem with the rig I am driving is that everything that could go wrong this week has. I got a flat tire, which I could not change. Even though I have the tire changing knowledge I couldn't do it because the lug nuts were on too tight. In fact, I couldn't find anyone that is able to get them off, so I go and fill it up with air every once and a while. It's a very safe approach. I also got pulled over last night by two of the five police officers on island. They were less than friendly and one stood at each window trying to intimidate me. I wasn't scared. Apparently I hadn't turned on my lights and they got all over me for it. Plus...I don't have a license here. I have court clearance to get one, but I haven't done it yet. Because it was Thanksgiving they decided to let me go with a warning this time, but told me they wouldn't be so nice next time. Oh please. I am going to get my license for here today.

I went to the greatest "beach" the other day except there was no beach. It was all rock, in fact it is called Sliding Rock. It was great! It was isolated, little to no hike, and I could lay out and get a good tan. There were even personal tide pools for us to swim in. I’ve got to start working on my tan because I come home in 24 days, and wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was my first Thanksgiving without my family. I wasn’t too happy about that, but it didn’t feel like Thanksgiving here. Possibly because of the unbearable heat. We went to the Ashley’s last night for our Thanksgiving feast, and it was okay, but there was no one to make me my specialty dishes. No one here cares that I don’t like turkey, ham, stuffing, veggies, or any of that other stuff that you associate with Thanksgiving. It was really nice of them to invite us over though. I have decided the hardest thing about not being at home for Thanksgiving is no day after Thanksgiving day shopping. This may be my first shopping free day after.

I guess that it is now time to start Christmas decorating. I don’t have any decorations here and sadly I don’t think I am going to decorate. I would rather save my meager teacher salary for other things. Plus it is strange to go to the store and have one half of the isle filled with swimming stuff and the other half filled with Christmas stuff. There is something that just doesn’t work there. One of the biggest pet peeves I have had in the last month is that people here don’t understand Christmas decorating. I woke up on November 1st and it was a Christmas spectacular. Decorations everywhere. Do they not realize that you don’t decorate until after Thanksgiving? I guess not. I tried to tell everyone that I knew that it wasn’t appropriate, but they did it anyway.

I have started shopping on island. I try to go in all the stores because you never know what you will find. I went to one store and went crazy because they had great t-shirts. You all know that I love a good t-shirt. As I was looking for t-shirts that I would like I found a section of t-shirts that were sized 2x-8x. 8x? I didn't even know such a creature existed. I bought it so that I could show people because I have never seen anything like it. It is like a set of sheets. It hangs to my shins and the neck hangs off my shoulders. I have seen some big people on island. Really big people in fact, but I don't think I have seen anyone bigger than a 5 or 6x. Who wears an 8x is what I want to know. We figured that the people that they are made for die of a heart attack before they can come get a new t-shirt. Oh American Samoa, how interesting you are.


Blogger Connar said...

celeste!!! i love you so much! i cant wait to see you at christmas! and your blog is so funny. i know i also havent commented since you started this but i am now soo ttyl. bye <3


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Blogger Connar said...

2nd to comment


i love you. see you in 21 days!!!

love always - connar joy

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