Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here I come...

Okay. I haven't posted in 11 days. I didn't realize that it had been that long. That's almost 2 weeks, and totally unacceptable. I have been super busy trying to get school all together, and finished. I can't believe the semester is already over. It went so fast. The great news is that I am coming home tomorrow. Granted I don't actually reach home until Tuesday, but I begin the great transit tomorrow. I am like a five year old before Christmas. I can't stop smiling, and I am in a FANTASTIC mood. Since I haven't really taken any pictures in the last 10 weeks I am heading out to video the whole island today. Should be fun. See you soon...

*PS. The pictures...I just wanted to publish pictures that prove that I actually have been hiking for all of the doubters out there.


Blogger Connar said...

i loved it when you were home.. it made my break.

well i love you celeste.. keep updating.

lovee - connar

9:18 AM  

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